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Standard EN 421: 2010

This standard applies to gloves to protect from ionising radiation and radioactive contamination. The nature of protection is shown by a pictogram relating to the specific protective qualities. To protect from radioactive contamination, the glove has to be liquid proof and needs to pass the penetration test defined in EN 374.

  • For gloves used in containment enclosures, the glove shall pass in addition to a specific air pressure leak test.
  • Materials may be modelled by their behaviour to ozone cracking. This test is optional and can be used as an aid to selecting gloves.

To protect from ionising radiation, the glove has to contain a certain amount of lead or equivalent metal, quoted as lead equivalence. This lead equivalence must be marked on each glove.

Information taken from 'A revised guide to EN standards for gloves' written by Ansell, 2011.