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2139-06 GOJO® NXT® SPACE SAVER Dispenser, 1000ml

80.90 (67.42 Excl. VAT) per Case of 6 Dispensers

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The NXT® SPACE SAVER 1000ml Dispenser is a durable, high performance system that optimizes space utilization. Twice as much product fits in the same space as used by traditional bag-in-box dispensing systems. A variety of dispensing options are available.

Fitting Instructions included with delivery - 2 mount options available either Screw in Dispenser or mount with adhesive backing included with dispenser.


2139-06 NXT® SPACE SAVER 1000ml Dispenser is a universal dispenser for use with the GOJO range of NXT Products.

Dispenser Refill Options
  • 2185-08 PURELL® Alcohol Based Gel 85, NXT® 1000ml Refill
  • 2157-08 GOJO® Antibac Lotion Soap, Fragrance Free with Triclosan, NXT® 1000ml
  • 2152-08 GOJO® SPA BATH® Body & Hair Shampoo, NXT® 1000ml
  • 2117-08 GOJO® Deluxe Lotion Soap with Moisturisers, NXT® 1000ml
  • 2103-08 GOJO® Mild Lotion Soap, Fragrance & Dye Free NXT® 1000ml
  • 2196-08 PURELL® Hand Sanitising Gel VF481, NXT® 1000ml
  • 2156-08 PURELL® Hygienic Hand Rub, NXT® 1000ml