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Product Qualities
  • Glass Green Shell and Royal Blue
  • Flocking Foam Nitrile
  • Reversed Lozenge Palm
  • Thickness: 0,45mm (Nitrile) + 0,35mm (Aquadri® 2)
  • Length: 380mm

Product Description
  • The AlphaTec® AquaDri® 58-335 two-layer construction keeps hands dryer for longer and greater comfort and performance. An inner soft foam coating with proprietary AquaDri® technology offers unrivalled moisture absorption: 10 times more than traditional cotton-flocked linings on average.
  • The superior nitrile film gives advanced chemical protection against contact with hydrocarbon derivatives, alcohol bases, many solvents and esters.
  • The reversed-lozenge palm finish provides improved dry and wet grip, delivering optimal results in dry or wet conditions.
  • The high-performance nitrile compound offers superior snag, puncture and abrasion protection compared to rubber or neoprene.
  • A foldable cuff gutter prevents dripping on the forearm. And a long cuff extends protection to the wrist and lower forearm area.

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Automotive and Transportation

Ideal Applications
  • Cleaning
  • Changing Oil
  • Fixing Pumps
  • Sampling/Testing
  • Painting, Sealing, Packaging
  • Opening, Draining Pumps/Valves
  • Chemicals Mixing/Handling/Transferring/Pouring/Blending

CE Classification


EN Standards
Ansell Aquadri Gloves conform to the following standards:
  • EN374:2003 - Resistance to permeation by Chemicals
  • EN374-2:2003 - Protection against Micro-Organisms
  • EN388:2003 - Protection against Mechanical Hazards
  • EN1149 - Antistatic Performance

For further information about EN Standards, please visit our Pictograms page.

12 pairs in a bag
12 bags in a carton